Orders must be placed in writing. You will receive a detailed invoice outlining your order. It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the details on the invoice including dates, flavours, allergies, spellings etc. Any amendments must be requested in writing.

Orders are not confirmed and your date is not secure until a retainer fee has been received (50% of your order value). This fee is non-refundable and balances are due one week prior to collection/delivery (one calendar month prior for weddings). 

By paying the retainer fee it is understood that you fully understand and accept the full terms and conditions.

Bank details for payments are sort code 53-61-55 and account number 70289514. 


When placing an order please take into account the venue and weather when choosing your cake design. For example a buttercream cake that will be set up in an un-air conditioned marquee in the height of summer may not be the best idea. Please also take into account how long your cake will need to be on display before cutting.

Changes and Cancellations:

Any amendments you would like made after paying the retainer fee must be requested in writing. We will always endeavour to adjust the design where possible but this may not always be possible depending on the nature of the request and the amount of notice given. If the amendments affect the cost of the order, the balance will be adjusted accordingly. 

No changes can be made after the balance payment deadline.

We reserve the right to change the design if circumstances require it for example weather. 

If you need to cancel your cake before the balance has been paid you will lose the retainer fee. If you need to postpone your order we will happily transfer your retainer fee to a new date for you but this is subject to availability.

If you need to cancel your cake after the balance payment deadline (one month for weddings and one week for celebration cakes) you will still be charged 100% of the order cost. This is also the case if celebrations are cancelled or postponed due to covid-19 so please ensure you have adequate insurance that covers late cancellation or postponement of suppliers, especially for weddings.

Specific Details:

Cakes ordered from pictures will only be reproduced as our interpretation and will not be an exact copy. Due to the vast array of colours available and the differences on digital monitors we cannot guarantee colours will be exactly the same however we will endeavour to meet all requirements. 

Models or images created based on real people will be interpretations only.

Sizes of cakes quoted are approximate only. Size is determined by the tins in which the cakes are baked. It is possible for baked cakes to shrink slightly / require trimming. 

All aspects of the order will be edible where possible and you will be informed of any non-edible elements on collection/delivery. If your cake is tiered or of significant height it will contain non-edible supports. Figures and characters may also contain sticks or non-edible supports. 

Some flowers can be poisonous so please take care when choosing fresh flowers or discuss this with your florist.


We can cater for all allergen requirements however please be aware that we work in a kitchen that handles all allergens including nuts and therefore CANNOT guarantee that your order will be 100% allergen free due to the small risk of cross-contamination. 

It is your responsibility to ensure any guests with allergies are aware of this.


Collection is by appointment only. If you are collecting your order please keep to the date and time arranged. 

Please note that we work to the date specified on booking so if you want to collect your cake before the date it is required please specify this on booking as earlier collection may not be available if requested at a later date. Collections can be made between 9.30-7.30pm weekdays and 10.30-7pm at weekends subject to slot availability.

Collecting your cake / accepting delivery will be taken as agreement that you are happy with the cake and that there is no damage.

Once the order has left our premises / has been delivered it becomes your responsibility and D’licious cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs after this point. 

If your cake is subject to any damage after collection/delivery D’licious charge a £20 per hour fee for repair work.

Transportation and Storage:

If you are transporting your cake yourself please place the boxed cake in a clear boot or footwell. We do not recommend placing on a seat or lap as this can cause the cake to slide. 

In hot weather please ensure the air conditioning is on.

If you are not displaying your cake immediately keep it in the cake box away from excessive cold and heat. Once cut the cake can be wrapped in cling film or stored in a Tupperware container. Only refrigerate if wrapped or in a container as cakes placed straight into a fridge once cut will dry out. Cakes should not be left unwrapped or in warm conditions as this will cause the cake to spoil. Cakes should be consumed within 3 days. Cakes can be frozen to eat a later date. Please discuss this with D’licious if you intend to do this.. 


Delivery can be arrange, subject to availability. Delivery is £10 for local deliveries and £1 per mile (round trip) charge thereafter. Delivery and set up costs for wedding cakes will be included in your quote.

If on delivery and set up of a cake no-one is available to check they are happy with the cake, D’licious will take photographic evidence of the cake in situ at your venue. By agreeing to these terms you confirm that this is sufficient evidence that there is no damage to the cake and that D’licious are no longer responsible for the goods once they have left the venue. 

D’licious cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to the cake once it has been set up. When booking a cake for delivery to a venue it is your responsibility to ensure the venue has a stable and level cake table / stand.


In accordance with the new GDPR legislation in 2018 we hold minimal information to be able to fulfil your order. 

By placing an order you are accepting to be contacted by D’licious but we will only contact you regarding your order or items that may be relevant and of interest to you. 

It is your right to request at any time a list of what information we hold and/or ask us to delete it / cease contact with you. 

We will never share your information with third parties and all information held will be securely and safely stored.

Photography and Ownership:

We reserve the right to photograph or film your cake and use this in our advertising. 

Any photographs, feedback or reviews you send to D’licious may be posted on our social media sites and website unless you ask us not to.

Stand Hire:

We carry a limited number of stands which can be hired. There is an additional security deposit required (depending on the stand) which you will receive back in full once the stand has been returned to us in the condition in which it was hired.

Stands must be returned to D’licious at their main address in the same condition in which they were hired, within one week of the required date. Loss of or damage to the stand or failure to return within the specified time-frame will result in the full or partial loss of the security deposit.


We want you to be 100% happy with your cake.

If there are any minor adjustments or errors that need correcting these can usually be done on the same day and you must give us the opportunity to do this. We must be notified of any errors within one hour of collection / delivery. 

If you are not happy with your order for any reason you must notify us within 24 hours in writing. We take pride in our work and any complaint will be dealt with seriously with full investigation. For this reason we will need to see the cake in order to fully investigate the complaint. 

Any cake that has been consumed will not be refunded regardless of the dispute as consumption is viewed as acceptance that the product is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied. Photographs of any problems are not accepted